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I would love for the opportunity to hear more about you and your ambitions in golf. Send me a mail if you are interested in hearing more about the membership site and what it can do for you. Or just click on the link below to sign up and get started.

Monthly Membership

This is an exciting opportunity for me as a Coach to be able to offer you a process that will lead to your steady improvement. In this monthly membership experience I am honored to have a chance to work with you and to offer you the necessary feedback that will lead to you achieving your goals. With your commitment and my knowledge we become a team!

Thank you for this opportunity, now let's get started.

  • Best Value

    Monthly membership

    Every month
    Perfect for helping you enjoy the process of improvement
    • Access to one Online video lesson per month
    • Access to a monthly webinar
    • Commitment to following a process
    • Monthly feedback
    • Coaching from one of the best golf Coaches in the industry
    • Become part of a team that's sole goal is your improvement
  • 6 Performance pakke

    Perfekt for dig som vil forbedre dit spil
    • 5 lektioner + 1 fysisk screening
    • En proces som giver målbar resultater
    • For golfere på alle niveauer
    • Lære golf i et spændende og lærerig træningsmiljø
    • Få glæd af dit golfspil igen.
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