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Online Video analysis

Send me your golf swing!

It is now possible for you to send me a video of your golf swing through e-mail where I can analyse your golf swing and give you an online lesson. Through using this exciting online method of teaching I will be able to send you feedback within a couple of days thoroughly explaining in depth the things that you will need to work on and how those changes will compliment your swing so that you can gain more enjoyment on the golf course.

This online golf swing analysis is for golfers of all levels of expertise and experience and that is looking for fast and easy lesson that will last a lifetime. These lessons target your personal needs and how I can help you on an individual level. 

How do we get started?

The easiest way is to just film your swing using your smartphone from the two different angles as shown on the pictures(Down the toe line of your body and face on from the middle of your stance). Now simple clip the videos down to a couple of seconds so that it is only of your swing and send it directly from you tlf. to my e-mail

Before you send the video please write a description of what you are looking for from the lesson ie. no more slicing, improved iron contact, more length, better distance control, lower ball flight, improved short game, bunker, putting skills, or whatever part of your game you want to improve on. This detailed explanation will help me pinpoint where you need to start making changes that will last a lifetime and will help you achieve your goals on the golf course.

One last thing, I want to sincerely thank you for allowing me to help you improve your game and I am looking forward to working together with you in the process of your improvement.

Now let's get started.

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